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Project Summary

Ximdex is an open source Semantic Web based Content Management System (CMS) allowing the generation of contents and web apps in different technologies (PHP, J2EE, .NET, XML/XSLT, Ruby on Rails, Python, JSON, JSON-LD, RDF, etc.) even simultaneously.

Visit http://ximdex.com for additional information or http://demo.ximdex.com to see it in action!!


cms data dbpedia generator json json_ld linked linkeddata open opendata rdf repository semantic semanticweb semanticwebcontentrepository wcm web webgenerator xml xslt

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Did You Know...

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    use of OSS increased in 65% of companies in 2016
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    anyone with an Open Hub account can update a project's tags
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    65% of companies leverage OSS to speed application development in 2016
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    by exploring contributors within projects, you can view details on every commit they have made to that project
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