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A5c2d4548d37d1e7f3e8b98d001e72e0?&s=64&rating=pg&d=https%3a%2f%2fwww Contributor: Daniel Stone Files Modified: 1
Date: 21-June-2011 at 17:01 Lines Added: 0
Repository: git:// master Lines Removed: 0
Commit Comment: Compat: Add grab/window logging actions
XF86LogWindowTree and XF86LogGrabInfo, included in very recent x11proto,
are new symbols to trigger the PrGrbs and PrWins actions, respectively.
These are new debugging actions which print useful information to the X

See for
more information. (Note that there is a slight mismatch with some of
the action names there, which was fixed in a later revision of the

This should probably only be included in a new major release though, due
to which
meant that using any unknown keysyms in an interp definition meant that
it turned into an Any+AnyOfOrNone(All) definition, so all your
non-action keys just dumped the window tree to the X log and did nothing

Signed-off-by: Daniel Stone <>

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