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Posted 13 days ago
The XOOPS Development Team is pleased to announce the availability of release candidate 2 of XOOPS 2.5.9. This version includes fixes and enhancements, security updates, and PHP 7.1 compatibility.
Posted 26 days ago
Mastop_Go2 1.04 RC-1 is available for testing. Download: GitHubFork: https://github.com/XoopsModules25x/mastop_go2New in this release: test data
Posted 26 days ago
RandomQuote 2.12 RC-1 is available for testing. Download: GitHubFork: https://github.com/XoopsModules25x/randomquoteNew in this release: test data
Posted about 1 month ago
The XOOPS Development Team is pleased to announce the availability of release candidate 1 of XOOPS 2.5.9. This version includes fixes and enhancements, security updates, and PHP 7.1 compatibility.
Posted about 2 months ago
I'm pleased to present you the new version of D-Transport, a downloads modules for XOOPS. This module offers you a lot of features that will help you in the downloads management.D-Transport is a download module that allows you to manage a section of ... [More] downloadable files directly in XOOPS. This module has a lot of features that are not present in other similar modules, until this moment. In addition, its administrative interface is very practical and easy to use, and the design of the frontend allows you to easily adapt it to an existing theme, or create new styles by default.Some of the features offered by D-Transport are:Control panel with statistics and system status at a glance.License management for downloads.Management of platforms for downloads.Organization of downloads by categories and labels.Secure downloads with password protection.User control panel.Inactivity alerts.Multiple files per download.Manage screenshots for each item.Advanced control of editions and ublications of downloads.Statistics by file.Voting by download.… and much more.If you want to read the note in my web site click here (también disponible en Español).Read more about D-Transport.view the demo [Less]
Posted 2 months ago
XoopsFaq 1.25 RC1XoopsFaq 1.25 - RC1A simple, yet powerfull Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)This is a RELEASE CANDIDATE (RC) release, do not use it on a production site!Xoopsfaq is a XOOPS module that allows an administrator to createFAQs and ... [More] responses. This version of the module has been refactored and provides the ability forsite administrators to create FAQs and assign them to a category. The categories utlize the XOOPSGroup Pemission subsystem to allow the administrator to limit visibility of a category (and subsequently the FAQs in the category). The code has been updated to work with, and take advantage of the features in,XOOPS 2.5.9. The module includes the following features:XoopsFaq Features: Create virtually unlimited categories and FAQs. XOOPS 2.5.x Administration GUI Uses XOOPS Editor class to allow admin to use HTML in FAQ answers if desired Frontside pages (Category and FAQ) create page specific HTML meta data for the title and keywords FAQs can be published at a future date allowing administrator the ability to write FAQs and publish later Ability to activate/inactivate a FAQ to control FAQ visibility Multi-language support - no hard coded language strings Contains three (3), permissions aware cloneable blocks to display Recent FAQs, Random FAQs, and Categories Has plugin for XOOPS Search functionality to search a catogory and FAQ title/answer for keywords Uses XOOPS templating system for display to make customization easier No database changes so it's easy to update from previous versions Moderinization of code provides better reliability and security than previous versionsWhy is this an RELEASE CANDIDATE Release? This module needs some additional testing - Please consider helping! All of the functionality that will be added to this version has been included - we now need to test and fix any issues so we can create a production release The documentation isn't complete - please consider creating a GitBook for this module. We need to create language translation files on TRANSIFEX. Currently ENGLISH is included with the module but please consider helping translate to other languagesImportant Notices:Please read the /docs/install.txt file for installation and configuration information.Backup your existing site before installing/upgrading any new XOOPS module.Download: XOOPS FAQ - NOTE: Don't forget to rename the folder from xoopsfaq-master to xoopsfaq before you install the module.Issues: Please post issues in the XoopsFAQ GitHub issues tracker. [Less]
Posted 2 months ago
Theme Properties:- Responsive- TDMDownloads compatible- Blocks: Left block, middle blockDemo:http://demo.erenyumak.com/Downloads:http://erenyumak.com/modules/themes/item.php?itemid=14Screen Pictures:
Posted 2 months ago
There is new responsive theme for our lovely XOOPS This one is looks like others, my first - xsimplegrid, but its really quite different- there is smart fast menu with almost automated links to our installed modules, user login or not, new messages ... [More] , admin menu link- there is simple top sliders for home and content pages- parallax image between top and bottom blocks- as usual background sliders for system and contents- little breadcrumb over contents- automated custom banner if system banner is off- as usual fine social and search fields at the bottom- OK and most important - mani, mani different blocks configuration:The is 25 possible, different top (bottom) block configuration on the template, 12 bottom (top) and 5 for footer blocks(see usage.txt and screenshots in docs folder, also you can view now in the demo - gallery) The theme is clean for w3 validation, simple to use for own projects and as I believe looks modern and 100% responsive for mobile and tablets.Just use it! :) Demo: http://eunion.info/xoops/xsimpleblocksDownload: https://github.com/XoopsThemes/xsimpleblocksTemporary download: http://eunion.info/xoops/xsimpleblocks/xsimpleblocks.zipPlease contribute to it in GitHub10x and viva XOOPS [Less]
Posted 3 months ago
The XOOPS Development Team is pleased to announce the Beta 3 release of XOOPS 2.5.9. This version includes fixes and enhancements, security updates, and PHP 7.1 compatibility.
Posted 4 months ago