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The goal is to develop yet another programmable robot project.
The innovation is that the robots are external libraries loaded at run time. Then each robot can receive a script as configuration. The goal is to allow to program robots in every langage the user may want, at least until it is possible to bind it with C++ classes. I aim to implement a prolog robot, and why not a guile robot.
The first interface is in 2d because I lack of knowledge in 3d engines. In the future, I'd like to have a 3d view of what's happening in the virtual world.
The long range project is to build a "game" in which you have to automatically explore a new planet. So, you land with some ressources and a robot and begin to build buildings, with each building a robot that can be programed. The only thing you can do directly is sending predefined commands from your Earth HQ (and I\'d say this feature should be only available for beginners). The world can be dead and peaceful, alive and peacefull or alive and all but peacefull.
If you want to have a quick overview, I suggest you download this :
This code is no more used, but there are ideas to keep in it !



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