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Analyzed about 2 years ago. based on code collected almost 4 years ago.

The framework should provide a framework to build lighting control software on. Things like lighting in studio's, concerts, conferences, events. Not lighting like in your home.

The framework will provide a structure to build your software on. Things like your universes, hardware communication, fixture definitions, channel curves, cue list, rdm, art-net. Some of this functionality is ported from a already existing project I build for the Lanbox.

All the development is done in C#. The goal is to make it possible to run under mono-project. This way the layer could also be used to work under linux systems. Something what is a great advantage for comercial products.

In the previous paragraph you see some targets. The target is to fullfill them all. Don't hang me on it. A short list of targets in order of preference.

fixture definition universes patching harware communication channel curves cue's chases art-net rdm

As for every project help is very welcom. Please leave a message if you like to contribute in any way. Help on the communication part is needed too. For example on art-net.


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