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Project Summary

About overlay

Yarik-overlay contains patches and ebuilds for some packages from official tree that still havn't commited. All patches added in Gentoo Bug tracking system.

TrueCrypt was restored in the official tree, but overlay still contains truecrypt-6.3a ebuild de bene esse.

How to add overlay

First way. layman -o http://yarik-overlay.googlecode.com/files/yarik-overlay.xml -f -a yarik-overlay

Overlay will added, but won't showed in layman -L list.

Second way. Edit your /etc/layman/layman.cfg and add new overlay list:

overlays : http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/overlays/layman-global.txt
http://yarik-overlay.googlecode.com/files/yarik-overlay.xmlThen you must add yarik-overlay to sync list:

layman -L
layman -a yarik-overlayFor more information about using yarik-overlay and installing TrueCrypt see wiki.

News 2009-12-20 Added media-video/mediainfo (bug 255179).

2009-12-13 TrueCrypt version bump. Added truecrypt-6.3a.ebuild.

2009-10-23 TrueCrypt version bump. Added truecrypt-6.3.ebuild.

2009-09-29 Added openerp-server-5.0.6.ebuild, openerp-web-5.0.6.ebuild, openerp-client-5.0.6.ebuild (fixed bug 267886). Old wpa_supplicant eduilds are removed.

2009-08-20 Added audacious-2.1.ebuild (fixed bug 279820).

2009-06-22 TrueCrypt version bump. Added truecrypt-6.2a.ebuild.

2009-02-04 Added kopete-3.5.9.ebuild (fixed bug 257625). Added gquod-0.2.0.ebuild: version bump.

2009-01-28 Deleted kmuddy-0.8.ebuild because patch is commited in official tree.

Deleted qt-4.3.3.ebuld, audacious-plugins-{1.4.4,1.4.5}.ebuild, plotutils-2.4.1-r4.ebuild because newer versions are stabilized.

2008-12-08 Added kmuddy-0.8.ebuild (fixed bug #249887).

2008-12-02 TrueCrypt version bump. Added truecrypt-6.1a.ebuild (bug #249543).

2008-12-01 Added new game games-board/gquod-0.1.0 (bug #249460). Quod homepage.

2008-11-29 Added plotutils-2.4.1-r4.ebuild (fixed bug 249187).

Added qt-4.3.3.ebuild (fixed bug 218807).

Added audacious-plugins-{1.4.4,1.4.5}.ebuild (fixed bug 247287).

2008-11-28 Added koffice-1.6.3-r2.ebuild compatible with gcc-4.3 (fixed bug 228839). bug 247757 need test.

Added wpa_supplicant-{0.5.7,0.5.8}.ebuild compatible with gcc-4.3 (fixed bug 249049)

2008-11-27 New wiki articles: yarik-overlay, TrueCrypt.

2008-11-26 Added truecrypt-6.1.ebuild compatible with gcc-4.3 (fixed bug 245322).


amd64 ebuild ebuilds gentoo gnu linux overlay portage truecrypt x86

In a Nutshell, yarik-overlay...

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