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Posted 7 months ago by Bob Huisman
We are proud to announce the immediate availability of WebApp 2.0 Release Candidate 1! A special thanks to all beta testers who have provided us with valuable feedback on our beta releases.   What's new in WebApp 2.0 RC1? Updated TinyMCE editor to ... [More] 4.1.7 (old version: 4.1.0) TinyMCE changelog can be found here (TinyMCE release notes) Browser compatibility fixes (mostly around Internet Explorer 11)  S/MIME related fixes (for WebApp Core) Special thanks to our German partner ETES for their community contribution providing additional 'contact search'-features!   To view the complete list of fixes, take a look at the release notes which can be found here: Release Notes. If you encounter any issues with this Release Candidate, please send us your feedback via the beta forum or contact our support department.   How to get it? You can grab the latest release candidate here: Again, thank you all for your feedback, we are looking forward to hearing from you.   Happy Holidays from the Zarafa Team!   Kind regards, Bob Huisman   ps. Would you like to join the private beta for the S/MIME plugin? Contact your account manager or our support department! pps. Curious what Zarafians are doing during the holidays? Check out this page: [Less]
Posted 7 months ago by Suyi
Just before holiday season kicks off, we have made ZWS for ZCP 7.2 available in our portal. ZWS is available to all European organizations using ZCP.   With this new release, we do provide support for free/busy information for Mac Os X (Calendar and ... [More] MS Outlook 2011 for Mac). In addition to support for free/busy information, the next step is to bring support for meeting requests. With Outlook 2011, you will notice that accepting a meeting request is now possible, although some related functionalities may not function yet. This being said, we would like to emphasize that ZWS is still in alpha stage and we do not recommend using it in a production environment.   How to download this release? The release is available to all European organizations as mentioned above. You will find the packages at its regular spot in the portal.   You do not have access to the portal? Please email us at marketing [at] and we will get back you.   For now, have a rocking holiday time! Check this page to find out what some of our team members are doing over the holiday. The QA Team   Zarafa [Less]
Posted 8 months ago by Suyi
Dear friends, partners and community of Zarafa,Today we are proud to announce the release of 7.2.0 beta 1. With this beta 1 we would like to give everyone a sneak peek into our next major release. What can you expect?With this new release, we ... [More] introduce new key features and major changes, such as:- A completely rewritten zarafa-search, now called zarafa-search-plus.We wanted to tweak our search performance, especially in larger environments. With this goal in mind, we decided to rewrite the whole code from scratch. You can find out more in our detailed blog post from April. - Component stack upgrade of nearly all components used with ZCP Zarafa uses industry-standard open source components such as OpenSSL and gSOAP. Over time, many components have changed behaviour and have not been compatible to Zarafa in certain areas. This new ZCP 7.2 is using recent versions of these open source components, and internal tests have shown us performance improvements of up to 22% in combination with the changes made to our codebase. - First version to include WebApp 2.0 (currently in beta3) and Z-Files out-of-the-box.With WebApp 2.0 we enhance the user experience with the use of our new HTML Editor component. With this, compatibility to HTML e-mails gains the next level of usability. Additionally, with Z-Files, WebApp users are enabled to manage their files easily from one interface using a standard WebDAV backend.- Includes new, simplified python-zarafa interface.With python-zarafa we drastically simplify the way of interfacing ZCP, This lowers the barriers for developers to interface ZCP or to extend the functionality of ZCP. Python-zarafa is designed in a way that enables devs to work with Zarafa without in-depth knowledge of MAPI.- New distributions supported.With the release of 7.2 we support new major distributions such as RHEL 7 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) and SLES 12 (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server). Don’t fear the migration!We understand your needs of very low downtime for communication-sensitive environments. This upgrade to 7.2 will not require any downtime except for the upgrade of the packages themselves. Please keep in mind that your index needs to be re-created to take full advantage of the new search backend. Luckily, this can be done while the live system is running.The 7.2 is the foundation for new componentsWe are proud to make this release the new foundation for many new components of Zarafa that will show up in the near and far future. Examples of these are Zarafa web meetings powered by WebRTC and S/MIME for WebApp (demonstrated at our Zarafa Tour in October).A complete overview of all changesWe would like to refer you to the changelog if you want to do a deep dive on ZCP 7.2.Where can I download 7.2.0 beta 1On our download section of course . The road to a final 7.2 releaseAs this is a major release, there is still some polishing work to be done until our final release. We are currently working on:- Getting documentation (manuals, etc.) finalized for the upcoming final release- Integrating certain SSL setting enhancements with ZCP- Integrating the latest translations to our final release- Providing repositories for all distributions (available to customers with subscriptions) - Finalizing enhancements made to the Outlook clientPlease note this is a beta release, so we do not encourage you to run it on production systems. As with every release, we welcome any feedback - feel free to contact us at any time.Team@Zarafa [Less]
Posted 8 months ago by Luc
Dear partners and friends,    We are proud to announce the arrival of WebApp 2.0 Beta2! Thanks to everyone that has provided us with feedback on beta 1. WebApp 2.0 Beta2 round-up  Including: Editor related fixes Inline.txt attachment bug Jumping of ... [More] cursor to body when a new mail is created In addition to this, there are several other bug fixes, which can be found in the release notes link, There are some known issues (mainly Internet Explorer related) that we are working to fix before the final release of WebApp 2.0 in the near future.   How to get it You can grab the beta packages here: click   That’s it! Once again, thanks for the feedback and we are looking forward to hearing about your experience with the new WebApp 2.0 Beta 2.   Kind regards, Luc OverslootZarafa QA [Less]
Posted 9 months ago by Suyi
Dear community members, partners and friends,Did you notice the latest Microsoft update last Tuesday? This update is responsible for disabling some advanced collaboration features in specific Outlook versions. We are happy to tell you we have patched ... [More] clients available starting from now. Who is affected?Please study carefully if any action from your side is required.Users who are (or were..) running the following Outlook versions may experience issues when using shared calendars:OEM: Outlook 2013 – 15.0.4667.1000Click-2-run: Outlook 2013 – 15.0.4667.1000The update should restore the advance collaboration features in the above Outlook versions. The updated clients are now downloadable at our server.Client for 7.1Client for 7.0 I have a different version of Outlook, what should I do?If you don’t update Outlook, no action is needed from your side at this moment. Please feel free to provide feedback on our forum if you encounter any other issues. Kind regards,Suyi GuoZarafa QA [Less]
Posted 9 months ago by Suyi
Hi all,We have noticed that Microsoft released an update for Outlook 2013. Unfortunately, these updates will break the advanced collaboration features. We understand that these issues affect a part of our userbase. That’s why we would like to keep ... [More] you informed about what’s going on.We have now fixed Zarafa’s Outlook compatibility completely with the new Windows clients. You can find out below if you need to take action.Please check your versionThe following Outlook versions are affected:· Outlook 2013 Click2Run - 15.0.4659.1001· Outlook 2013 - 15.0.4659.1000These versions of Outlook are in need of an updated Zarafa client. You can find the download links below.! Important note! : Outlook 2010 is not affected. No action from your side is required.Here are the download linksWe’ve updated the clients in our download directories. Please find the links below.7.1: are eager to hear your feedback as always. Please use this forum topic to tell us about your experiences.Kind regards,Suyi GuoZarafa QA [Less]
Posted 10 months ago by Robert Scheck
The press already wrote about it: Bodo Möller, Thai Duong and Krzysztof Kotowicz from the Google Security Team discovered a design vulnerability in SSLv3 also known as "POODLE". I would like to try to answer some questions that popped up today ... [More] regarding Zarafa and POODLE. Important: Even the vulnerability seems to only affect HTTPS, it might (!) apply to other protocols/services as well (if an attacker has control over the packets that also contain secret data), thus Zarafa might be affected in the future as well. As of writing Zarafa itself should be not affected through, nevertheless I do not take any responsibility for this statement. Given the most common attack vendor is makes sense to disable SSLv3 support in the web server configuration in the first step. A second step is to also disable SSLv3 for all Zarafa services (to be safe for the future). For Apache it looks like this: SSLProtocol all -SSLv2 -SSLv3SSLCipherSuite ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256:ECDHE-ECDSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256:ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384:ECDHE-ECDSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384:DHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256:DHE-DSS-AES128-GCM-SHA256:kEDH+AESGCM:ECDHE-RSA-AES128-SHA256:ECDHE-ECDSA-AES128-SHA256:ECDHE-RSA-AES128-SHA:ECDHE-ECDSA-AES128-SHA:ECDHE-RSA-AES256-SHA384:ECDHE-ECDSA-AES256-SHA384:ECDHE-RSA-AES256-SHA:ECDHE-ECDSA-AES256-SHA:DHE-RSA-AES128-SHA256:DHE-RSA-AES128-SHA:DHE-DSS-AES128-SHA256:DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA256:DHE-DSS-AES256-SHA:DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA:AES128-GCM-SHA256:AES256-GCM-SHA384:AES128-SHA:AES256-SHA:AES:CAMELLIA:DES-CBC3-SHA:!aNULL:!eNULL:!EXPORT:!DES:!RC4:!MD5:!PSK:!aECDH:!EDH-DSS-DES-CBC3-SHA:!EDH-RSA-DES-CBC3-SHA:!KRB5-DES-CBC3-SHASSLHonorCipherOrder on Please do not forget to restart your web server service and try if everything still works for you. Above cipher suite is taken from the current Mozilla recommendation and should be suitable for most environments. If you are more security sensitive use the "modern compatibility" rather the "intermediate compatibility" (that is used above). How to test if your services support SSLv3 or whether it is disabled? Red Hat provides a small generic POODLE detector. Alternatively the following commands are helpful for e-mail related services: openssl s_client -ssl3 -connect :25 -starttls smtp openssl s_client -ssl3 -connect :110 -starttls pop3 openssl s_client -ssl3 -connect :143 -starttls imap openssl s_client -ssl3 -connect :237 openssl s_client -ssl3 -connect :443 openssl s_client -ssl3 -connect :465 openssl s_client -ssl3 -connect :587 -starttls smtp openssl s_client -ssl3 -connect :993 openssl s_client -ssl3 -connect :995 openssl s_client -ssl3 -connect :8443 Disabling SSLv3 support in the web server was easy, wasn't it? But unfortunately it isn't same easy for Zarafa: The built-in SSLv3 support in Zarafa can not be turned off using a configuration option. Zarafa supports from SSLv2 up to TLSv1.2 in its daemons and the whole SSL/TLS support can be either completely enabled or completely turned off. The only thing that can be separately disabled is the (weak) SSLv2 support that is fortunately anyway turned off by default. Fortunately the upcoming Zarafa 7.2 will likely include my patch proposal to make SSL/TLS protocols, cipher suites and preferences configurable. But if you are a user of my RPM packages in Fedora or EPEL you can have that feature already today because I applied my patch to the Zarafa 7.1.11 packages there... ;-) [Less]
Posted 10 months ago by Luc
Dear partners and friends,   It’s time for a first beta of the WebApp 2.0. Find out below what’s new and where to get it.   What’s in?   This latest WebApp version is the start of extending the groupware experience to other applications. Highlights ... [More] for these release are:   A files plugin (for WebDAV enabled storage) This plugin enables the access to files in WebApp. A user can now work with his files wherever he goes. This first version features basic functionality. An ownCloud backend and any other default WebDAV backend is supported. A new HTML editor The editor is now based on TinyMCE 4. This means a better user experience and improved mail layout. The skin is also more in line with the complete application.   You will find a complete overview in the release notes of all bugs that are resolved:  change log   Don’t expect a bug free release; the 2.0 brings a lot new features. A lot of resources have been dedicated to (regression) tests in the last weeks. We are now releasing this as a BETA to get more feedback from the community.   Known issues amongst others are:   Font style gets messed up when you use backspace at beginning of sentence. Clear formatting button in TinyMCE does not work for second time. Clear formatting button does not reset the formatting to pre-defined values.   We are working hard on fixing these known issues. Our goal is to have them ready for a final release.   How to get it You can grab the beta packages here: WebApp 2.0 Beta   That’s it! Once again, thanks for all the feedback and we hope you will have a good experience with the all new WebApp 2.0!   Kind regards,   Luc Oversloot Zarafa QA     [Less]
Posted 11 months ago by Suyi
Hi Community,   It came to our attention that Microsoft updated Outlook 2013 to 15.4649.1003. Unfortunately, our auto-patching mechanism could not completely restore Zarafa’s compatibility. Private appointments were visible for delegates due ... [More] Microsoft’s update. These new clients restore Zarafa’s compatibility to Outlook completely. By the way, Outlook 2010 is *not* affected. Download links We’ve published clients for 7.0 and 7.1: ZCP 7.0: ZCP 7.1: We’re sorry for the inconvenience, With kind regards, Suyi Zarafa QA [Less]
Posted 11 months ago by Suyi
We want to address two blocking issues that have been reported by the community. We have decided to release now because we didn’t want to wait on the 7.2 release.   Which issues have been resolved? The first issue is related to RPM-based systems. ... [More] Administrators have noted that they weren’t able to install WebAccess on their systems. Unfortunately, a patch from the community caused this bug. We have corrected the patch to work with RPM-based systems.   Please keep in mind: we don’t actively support WebAccess at this moment. So, these patches are only provided on a best-effort basis.   In addition some specific issues with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS have been tackled. Firstly, we have resolved issues related to the script. Secondly, users also reported that zarafa-search appears to be crashing at startup (only in in Ubuntu 14.04). This revision fixes this issue.   Extra installation instructions for Ubuntu 14.04 administrators: WebApp (and WebAccess) are not accessible after installation due incomplete configuration. Please review this JIRA ticket to see what you need to do:   Get an overview of resolved tickets The change log has been updated to give you an overview of which tickets have been included in this release. Check it out here.   Download links To download this final release, please visit our download section.   Suyi Guo Zarafa QA [Less]