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Posted almost 5 years ago by acrylian
.newl {display:none}Michaell has created some more Facebook plugins that now join the zenFBlike plugin we recently already posted about in a set of Facebook plugins now called the zenFB suite. The new additions are:


As he notes he has more planned for the future.
Posted almost 5 years ago by acrylian
.newl {display:none}Micheall has created a “facebook like button” plugin. Check it out here. While there you might also want to take a look at his updated zenTwitter plugin.
Posted almost 5 years ago by acrylian
.newl {display:none}IMPORTANT: Beginning with this release we are skipping testing for PHP 4 and MySQL 4. We do all developing on PHP 5.2+ and MySQL 5.0+. We will not deliberately invalidate using these older versions; however, we are are not able to test on the older software versions anymore due to a lack of resources. Thanks [...]
Posted almost 5 years ago by acrylian
Yeah, you read correctly. Zenphoto has been around for five years now. We can’t quite believe it ourselves and are glad that we managed the important 1.3 release for Zenphoto’s birthday.
Let us take a quick look at how it all started:
On ... [More] April 24, 2005 Zenphoto’s original developer, Tristan Harward, posted the ambitious idea of “Reinventing [...] [Less]
Posted about 5 years ago by acrylian
.newl {display:none}Gdodinet release his third Zenphoto theme. This is like the second one Zinenaboxpacity heavily JavaScript driven. Take a look here.
Posted about 5 years ago by acrylian
.newl {display:none}Cristue developed a the filter_rotation_lossless filter plugin that allows lossless JPEG rotation if your server has support for jpegtran. More info and download.
Altert has taken over the older Zenphoto single sign-on plugin ... [More] that was originall developed by misterbrandt and updated it for the recent Zenphoto and Wordpress version. This plugin allows auto log in/in [...] [Less]
Posted about 5 years ago by sbillard
We have scheduled the 1.3.0 release for May 27th. There are some significant new capabilities in this release including, but not limited to:

Imagick support
Custom menu creation
Disk quota management
Limitations on the number of ... [More] images that may be uploaded to an album
Tags from album
jCarousel thumb navigation
Individual image watermarks
Zenpage password protection
Custom authentication implementations are now supported
Wordpress importer (Admin [...] [Less]
Posted about 5 years ago by acrylian
The automatic generation has been fixed now so they are available as usual again.
Posted about 5 years ago by acrylian
Some may have noticed that we had some server downtime a few days ago. Seems we still face some server issues because of that. One is that currently no newer nightly builds are availabe. The last one is from April 15th…
So if you want or must try the development stream after 1.2.9 official please use [...]
Posted about 5 years ago by acrylian
kevinsk made this plugin to allow import of images or videos to Zenphoto from e-mail attachments. More info about it here.