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Project Summary

Welcome to Zilonis!
The objective of this project is to provide a
Multithreaded Rules Engine platform and a scripting environment
for Java based applications.

The core of the Zilonis platform is based on a variation of
the forward chainning Rete algorithm described in "Rete: A Fast
Algorithm for the Many Pattern/ Many Object Pattern Match Problem",
Charles L. Forgy, Artificial Intelligence 19(1982), 17-37.).

The implementations follows the optimizations and the structure used in
the Soar system, and the ones
well described in the paper:
"Production Matching for Large Learning Systems", Robert B. Doorenbos.

Multithreaded Capabilities
A nice feature and contribution from Zilonis, is that it is multithreaded.
Because of that, it is easy to reuse a set of rules across several concurrent
users in a safe way, without creating copies of the rules and the engine,
as you would have to do if you were to use other engines.
With Zilonis, you have a solid platform to develop knowledge base driven
systems. The rules representation language is similar to the one used in
CLIPS. Most of the
rules that you are currently using in
should be able to run with very little modifications under Zilonis as well.

For information about installing and using it, please go to the home page of the project
The Zilonis License is free for non-commercial use.

For alternative licenses, like commercial use contact the author.



In a Nutshell, Zilonis Rules Engine...

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