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Ohloh API Discussion : Different factoid result sets

Hello, for example this API call returns an analysis record which contains four factoids: Mature, well-established codebase Increasing ... [More] Y-O-Y development activity Very well-commented source code Small development team the same analysis in the project factoids API call lists six factoids for the same project The extra factoids are FactoidTeamSizeSmall and FactoidStaffIncreasing. What could cause these two factoids to be missing in the analysis record? Greetings, Michael Justin [Less]

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Author mjustin

Posted 5 months ago

Suggestions for Ohloh 2.0 : Change a project's Primary Language

For smaller projects, the system automatically chooses which language is primary - would be nice to be able to change this. For example, this project: lists ... [More] its primary language as SQL when in actuality to should be C# - even though the lines of SQL likely do outweigh the lines of C# code. Thanks! Ritchie [Less]

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Author ritchiecarroll

Posted 5 months ago

Feedback Forum : Looking to add project - Looking for developers/contributors

I'm thinking of adding a project to Openhub. I have a website and I'm looking for Ruby on Rails contributors. I'd like to open the site up to developers, I have a ton of updates for the site. I'd ... [More] like one or two senior people to manage it, while allowing others to join. I am myself a beginner so I aim to learn from others. Unlike something like Mozilla, we do aim to make a profit, although we haven't made any money yet. So initially the project managers would be offered shares, and in future all contributors will be paid. We don't expect to get something for nothing. This is a really exciting project with massive potential, it's not just a small website. If anyone is interested in getting involved on any level, please reply. I already have some people on board since showing them the project but need the senior developers before making a start. [Less]

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Author DeLarge2071

Posted 5 months ago

Technical Issue Help : BUG: Small image links wrong

E.g. looking at my stacks at most of the images are missing. I checked the page source and the image links are broken and point to invalid ressources.

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Author stoecker

Posted 5 months ago

Technical Issue Help : Add possibility for multiple affilations

I am affiliated with multiple organisations, but presently it is only possible to add one affiliation.

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Author alexanderb

Posted 5 months ago

Suggestions for Ohloh 2.0 : Organisation member contributions

EDIT: Oooops. This already exists! I was not affiliated with my organisation, so the graphic was not correct. Sorry for the confusion! The original post follows. In addition to the "Portfolio ... [More] Projects" list, it would be very cool to have a "Other Contributions", or something to that effect, list of contributions by members of an organisation to outside projects. So if members of Foo have contributions to projects Fu, Bar, and Baz, where Fu is an internal/claimed project, and Bar and Baz are projects not directly affiliated with the organisation per se, Fu would be listed as a "Portfolio Project", whilst Bar and Baz would be on the "Other Contributions" list. [Less]

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Author alexanderb

Posted 5 months ago

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Author FelixSchwarz

Posted 5 months ago

Suggestions for Ohloh 2.0 : Tag/Alert outdated project information

I'd like to tag projects that have outdated info (licence, code location, links) but cannot be updated because a manager own the project. The feature may display a tag on the project or on the info ... [More] that is outdated and send an alert to project's managers for updating it. [Less]

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Author edno

Posted 5 months ago

Technical Issue Help : Language page ranking not updated

At least for the Scheme programming language, the language overview page at doesn't seem to get updated at all anymore. For instance, just click on the top ... [More] committer under "recently active" shirok, - the list claims he made 89 commits between August and October. However, on his personal accounts page you see he made 109 commits in August and September alone. Now, Gauche has large parts written in C, so that could explain it, but if you look at Bert Burgemeister (the third on the list), he has made 56 commits in p-rout, which is almost entirely written in Scheme while the list claims he made only 44 commits. As for myself (, you can see in the commit history overview graph that I've made over 100 commits these past two months in the "Chicken numbers library". Now, many of those commits were in the C file in that project, but I'm pretty sure that I made a lot more than 10 commits to the Scheme files in said project. [Less]

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Author sjamaan

Posted 6 months ago

Feedback Forum : Verilog interpreted as coq

Projects written in Verilog HDL get wrongly labeled as 'coq'. Example:

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Author skristiansson

Posted 6 months ago