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Technical Issue Help : Dart seems not recognized

Tom Ohloh's language scanner is open source ( and a good number of language scanners are community contributed. We haven't gotten around to do this one yet; but it is on our list of things to do. Thanks

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Author amujumdar

Posted almost 3 years ago

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Author alex-w

Posted almost 3 years ago

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Author qefoundation

Posted about 1 month ago

Technical Issue Help : New language support request: mallard

Mallard is a xml based documentation language which replace docbook, and it's aim to be easier to use for technical writers. it is used by GNOME projects and is growing up in other project. Could ... [More] you add support of it ? an exemple module that have mallard files is the mallard spec is at Thanks [Less]

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Author baptistemm

Posted over 3 years ago

Technical Issue Help : Merging two Ohloh accounts

Sorry, what I mean is merging on the Ohloh side, not on the project side. If I am not mistaken, what you suggest is using alias so that commit dones with different names are unified. This is not ... [More] what I want. In my case, I have two Ohloh accounts (one created by mistake) and I want to merge them. This is independent with the commits I've done AFAIK. Is there anyway to do this? [Less]

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Author thomas_moulard

Posted about 3 years ago

Technical Issue Help : Code analysis no longer running

Anders, It appears that secure (https:) connections to the subversion are no longer being offered. I have added a standard connection to that enlistment and it is processing now... Stand by. Thanks!

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Author ssnow-blackduck

Posted over 3 years ago

Feedback Forum : Link reordering and reviving

Hi, I got the same in Apache-OFBiz project, I can't add again (after remowing them I still get "has already been submitted") the links: TIA Jacques

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Author JacquesLeRoux

Posted over 2 years ago

Technical Issue Help : Hatari isn't updated

I see that it's fixed now thanks

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Author Cyprian

Posted over 3 years ago

Technical Issue Help : Wayland project not updating.

Hi, the Wayland project isnt updating. As of now, it is 15 days old. Can someone kick it please? :)

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Author soreau

Posted about 3 years ago

Technical Issue Help : Canaima GNU/Linux Project not updating

Thanks for looking out our problem. It's very strange, i made two tests on different IP's and both turned out OK. Last test log: git clone ... [More] Cloning into libreoffice... remote: Counting objects: 2294, done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (1832/1832), done. remote: Total 2294 (delta 434), reused 2174 (delta 354) Receiving objects: 100% (2294/2294), 554.25 MiB | 51 KiB/s, done. Resolving deltas: 100% (434/434), done. I don't know what could be happening. May be your network? [Less]

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Author HuntingBears

Posted over 3 years ago