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Author Mamarok

Posted about 22 hours ago

Technical Issue Help : Seo Panel: Failed 7 months ago Analyzed 9 months ago based on code collected 9 months ago. Thanks!

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Author marclaporte

Posted 1 day ago

Technical Issue Help : HomeBank enlistment issue Thanks!

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Author marclaporte

Posted 2 days ago

Technical Issue Help : PostScript as source code

OH does not count PostScript code towards the source code line count which is to be expected since PS is usually used for documentation, etc. There are a small number of substantial projects that are ... [More] programmed directly in PostScript [1] most notably my Barcode Writer in Pure PostScript. In this case it would be great if we could signal to OH that we are using PostScript as source rather than output, perhaps via some embedded comment near the top of the PS files, e.g. % OH-Lang: PS See as an example of a project that is entirely misrepresented by OH. Would such as change be welcomed and is the blackducksw/ohcount GitHub repository still being maintained as I note it hasn't received any commits since August 2014? (I don't want to commit effort to improving this for no purpose.) Many thanks, Terry [1] [Less]

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Author terryburton

Posted 2 days ago

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Author yomgui

Posted 6 days ago

Technical Issue Help : KeePassDroid enlistment issue

Can it be tried again? Thanks!

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Author marclaporte

Posted 7 days ago

Technical Issue Help : Code Locations not updated correctly

Sorry to annoy you again, but I recently (~2weeks ago) updated the code location from the evol online project, and it seems that openhub is not examining anything since then. We moved the project to ... [More] gitlab following the shutdown of gitorious, maybe we badly updated our source repository? Thank again for your support. [Less]

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Author Reidy

Posted 8 days ago

Feedback Forum : How to add an Organization?

Hi, may you add GeoKretyMap as an organisation? Thanks

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Author kumy

Posted 8 days ago

Technical Issue Help : KDE projects not updated in 4 months

No answer? I checked over the last 3 days, and noticed the following subfolder, without changes in 3 days: failed: git:// master queue: git:// ... [More] master git:// master git:// master All other subfolders mention to have been checked in the last 8 hours. So please, tell me what I need to change to get KDE updated on a regular basis, as no updates in 4 months is really too long, and it appears to be a recurring problem. [Less]

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Author Mamarok

Posted 10 days ago