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Technical Issue Help : Projects Not Updating

I had to move all my projects from google code to github. As I moved them, I updated the code locations appropriately and removed the google code locations. After this I paid no attention. It ... [More] wasn't until about a month later that I checked things and found no updated had been downloaded. I checked the status and it said there was an issue downloading the code. I have since replaced all the urls with new ones from github that should work, however, all of the projects have been sitting in stage 1 for more than a week now, so there is no data available on them. Could someone please look into this. The projects that appear to have not been analyzed are: backbone-dotnet dbpro-orm dhcp-dotnet embeddedwebserver freeswitch-socket-dotnet freeswitchconfig mustachedotnet stringtemplate-dotnet tftp-dotnet [Less]

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Author roger_castaldo

Posted 3 days ago

Technical Issue Help : Project not updating for last month

Hi, could you please look at ? It was not updated for last 30 days. Thanks, Jan

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Author rah003

Posted 3 days ago

Ohloh General Discussion : BlackDuck out of business?

We have 3 project merge requests pending and the wrong code location on the main project since months. Reaction/Resolution despite repeated reports: None.

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Author michaelheilmann

Posted 4 days ago

Technical Issue Help : Not updating

The project py-cpuinfo has stopped updating.

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Author mattjones

Posted 5 days ago

Technical Issue Help : Project grafana-alerts code analysis never finished

Hello Project grafana-alerts code analysis never finished. I added this project almost a month ago.

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Author pabloa98

Posted 8 days ago

Technical Issue Help : Project 'hawaii' not updated

Hi, Jobs for the 'hawaii' project are always stuck. Statistics are 9 months old.

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Author plfiorini

Posted 9 days ago

Technical Issue Help : Byte Buddy is not longer updated

Hi, my project Byte Buddy does not longer get updated: It has been a couple of month since the last pull. It sais it failed to pull changes.

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Author raphw

Posted 13 days ago

Technical Issue Help : Not updating Thanks in advance!

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Author dlidstrom

Posted 14 days ago

Technical Issue Help : Apache Zest Qi4j not updated

Hi, Project Apache Zest Qi4j,, is stuck at step 1: Downloading source code history. Please push it forward. Thanks in advance ! Cheers /Paul

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Author eskatos

Posted 14 days ago

Technical Issue Help : LibreOffice not updating

I have raised this issue several times during the last couple of weeks. We really need OpenHub working, but if this does not happen within the next week we will switch to another source for our data. Thanks, Italo

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Author italovignoli

Posted 14 days ago