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Technical Issue Help : Firenado stuck in the queue

Looks like the project firenado project I just create is stuck in the queue. Thank you.

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Author piraz

Posted about 9 hours ago

Technical Issue Help : Wrong Code Location

The "Browse Code" location of still refers to the old repository, although the issue was reported twice already, months ago for the first time here ... [More] Finally fix this please. [Less]

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Author michaelheilmann

Posted 3 days ago

Technical Issue Help : Project not updated had not been updated for 8 months already. It currently lists two repos, svn being primary one and git being a mirror which was presumably added because svn ... [More] update was always failing. I guess someone should make svn checkout start and make sure it finishes successfully, then git entry may be removed. For instance, main freebsd project ( works fine this way, repo is roughly the same size. [Less]

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Author AMDmi3

Posted 5 days ago

Technical Issue Help : "No recognizable code" error

Hello, Because of the upcoming closure of Google Code, I moved my project source code in early April 2015: OpenHUB Project Page Old Code Location: New Code ... [More] Location: Since that time, no project updates have occurred in Open HUB. The project page displays the error: No recognizable code Open Hub computes statistics on FOSS projects by examining source code and commit history in source code management systems. This project has code locations but that location contains no recognizable source code for Open Hub to analyze. Additionally, the "Browse Code" feature is still displaying code from the old location. Please let me know what I can do to resolve this issue. When potential users visit my project, the OpenHUB statistics are usually the first thing they're interested in, and an empty stats page does not reflect accurately on the project's lengthy history. Thanks! BU [Less]

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Author briuri

Posted 7 days ago

Technical Issue Help : Codeplex Git Repository Url Issue

Hi, I have the following openhub project: The project was unanalyzed for about 9 months. So, I recently logged in and deleted the one of the repositories ... [More] (codeplex). This made the it analyze again and all was good. I then again added the codeplex repository hoping that it would work this time: master But I get a status message: (Failed 9 months ago.) Could you please help me on this? [Less]

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Author mixerp

Posted 8 days ago

Technical Issue Help : HomeBank enlistment issue Thanks!

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Author marclaporte

Posted 10 days ago

Technical Issue Help : PostScript as source code

OH does not count PostScript code towards the source code line count which is to be expected since PS is usually used for documentation, etc. There are a small number of substantial projects that are ... [More] programmed directly in PostScript [1] most notably my Barcode Writer in Pure PostScript. In this case it would be great if we could signal to OH that we are using PostScript as source rather than output, perhaps via some embedded comment near the top of the PS files, e.g. % OH-Lang: PS See as an example of a project that is entirely misrepresented by OH. Would such as change be welcomed and is the blackducksw/ohcount GitHub repository still being maintained as I note it hasn't received any commits since August 2014? (I don't want to commit effort to improving this for no purpose.) Many thanks, Terry [1] [Less]

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Author terryburton

Posted 10 days ago

Technical Issue Help : Projects not updating

the projects seem to be stuck

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Author ondrapelech

Posted 18 days ago

Technical Issue Help : Project Tryton not updated since 1 month

The Tryton project has not been updated since 1 month:

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Author ced

Posted 22 days ago

Technical Issue Help : Project is being rewritten

I'm the owner of the projects Minetweak and MinetweakOld. Minetweak is a rewrite of the old version, and I'd like to request that any past statistics about git:// be ... [More] deleted and regenerated, because the old version was developed at the same location, but now moved elsewhere. [Less]

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Author LoganGorence

Posted 22 days ago