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  Analyzed about 15 hours ago

LeechCraft is a free open source cross-platform modular internet-client. LeechCraft allows to browse the web, read RSS/Atom feeds, download files via BitTorrent, FTP and HTTP, automatically download, play or stream podcasts (and other media files) and much more.

678K lines of code

2 current contributors

7 months since last commit

6 users on Open Hub

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  Analyzed about 1 year ago

The open source FoxTorrent Firefox extension that lets you stream torrents as they download, from your web browser, with zero configuration needed.

5.32K lines of code

0 current contributors

about 9 years since last commit

0 users on Open Hub

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  Analyzed about 2 months ago

Net::BitTorrent is a class based implementation of a BitTorrent client and is written in pure Perl. Each Net::BitTorrent object is capable of handling several concurrent torrent downloads.

1.19K lines of code

1 current contributors

8 months since last commit

0 users on Open Hub

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Licenses: Artistic-2.0, CC-BY-SA-3.0, GPL-2.0+