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Clipperz Password Manager


  Analyzed 4 days ago

Clipperz Community Edition is a web based password manager hosted at https://clipperz.is. Why an open source version of Clipperz? Because we want to enable as many people as possible to play with our code. So that they can start trusting it. The code, not its developers. In order to allow ... [More] anyone not just to inspect the source code, but also to analyze the traffic it generates between client and server, we made available this open source version as an easy way to locally deploy the whole password manager web app on your machine. You can choose among the available backends (PHP/MySQL, Python/AppEngine, …) or contribute your own. Whatever is your motivation for playing with Clipperz code, we would love to hear from you: get in contact! https://clipperz.is/about/contacts/ [Less]

175K lines of code

2 current contributors

4 months since last commit

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  Analyzed 4 days ago

Helps clipperz direct-logins work on websites that use session ids or complex forms

254 lines of code

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over 6 years since last commit

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