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OverviewThis project is intended to be a native Ubuntu/Gnome alternative to running Colorpix in Wine. Requirementslibgtk2.0-dev FeaturesStarts quickly, even on a 600 Mhz 256 MB system Magnify 11x11 pixel area around mouse to 2000% Hex & RGB color formats displayed CTRL+Spacebar toggles ... [More] magnification position locking While magnification position is locked, arrow keys adjust magnification position Spacebar (no CTRL) adds selected color to selection history Colors in selection history can be copied to the clipboard as various CSS rules Color and Grayscale versions of preview swatch in selection history (Reasoning) Planned FeaturesPersistant color selection history Features Being ConsideredSaving all or just certain colors in the selection history, to various palette formats Configurable Hot-keys to automaticly copy to the clipboard CSS rules using the selected color. (implemented as context-menu) Screenshot [Less]

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