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Direct Show / ffmpeg graphic interface written in Delphi and C#. Version 4.x will be C# only using the Windows Presentation Foundation. For details look at www.jakubsloup.cz features: videos (including DVDs) and subtitles are inserted by drag and ... [More] drop, you can also use CTRL + V whole folders with videos can be inserted, application will filtrate videos and subtitles from it automaticaly; if you want to rip a dvd just insert dvd drive icon or folder when the dvd is located, or any file which is in that folder (.vob,.ifo,.bup) subtitles are searched automatically if they are named same as video support for more video tracks and subtitles which are directly in video (usualy .ogm, .mkv, .avi or DVD uses this) you can insert subtitles directly to application with or before video, or by dropping it directly at the video in list of videos which waiting for conversion (the line in this list will then change color from red to green) videos are NEVER UPSIZED, only downsized or cropped if needed, so you can easily set that maximal width is 640 and insert video from youtube with resolution 320x240 and final file will have resolution 320x240, if you insert video with resolution 1280x720 then it will have finally 640x360 you can set that videos will be fitted into screen resolution, for example if your has player resolution 800x480 and you insert video with resolution 1000x750 then final video will have 640x480, if you insert video with resolution 1280x720 then final video will have 800x450, if you insert video with resolution 320x240 then final file will have 320x240(due to "never upsize" feature) it can monitor a folder on your computer and everytime when new video is inserted into this folder then it will automaticaly start conversion of this video (if this video is locked(for example by other application), then will wait until this video is unlocked and then start conversion)); if subtitles with the same name as a video are located in the same folder, then is used automaticaly; you can set that source videos will be automaticaly will be deleted after conversion support zoom video to fullscreen (you can set if you will see black borders on your portable player or not), also support zoom which can be set in % (you can set how much will be black borders in widescreen videos removed, but it will never crop height, only width and it will stop zooming when display aspect ratio is reached) it have TURBO button, if clicked then conversion is about 10x faster (optimized for speed, if unclicked then it is optimized for quality) it will inform you about success (or not succes) in finding of subtitles by a special nice transfluescent window that show in the midle of the screen (the great thing is that for example when you browsing internet with your browser and this window appear, then when you click on that window then the browser will not loose focus - only thing that happen is that the info window dissapear), or after conversion finish then it will show you how many subtitles wasnt found in the middle of application, and if you stop the mouse over it then it will also show for which videos werent found subtitles can be started hidden or rolled down (this is good if you want to use it as a WIDGET) videos can be rotated by 90° and black bar will be added under video, so you can watch at videos on your widescreen portable player like on iPod 5G/6G/Classic (if you holding player in "portrait" position then video will be on the top and black screen will be only under video) if you try to shutdown Windows while converting then application will stop this shutting down and ask you if you realy wan`t to shutdown Windows if you pause the starting of new convesions and you forget it, then aplication in five minutes will (if there is no mouse activity over application) disable this pause and start conversion (this is good for always absent-minded people like me); the window with avaiable audio/subtitles tracks or titles will also dissapear in 60 seconds automaticaly subtitles are autosizing - for example in resolution 640x480 they take 2/3 of width and in resolution 320x240 they take also 2/3 of width everything what you set in application is SAVED (this takes me a LOT of work) help is integrated directly in application, just stay with mouse for example on button, checkbox, etc. - the help window will appear - AND IT NEVER DISSAPEAR FIVE SECONDS AFTER SHOWED LIKE IN OTHER ANNOYING APPLICATIONS (disappear time is set to 100 seconds) conversion running at idle priority (it will not slow down your computer, you can do anything while converting) start of encoding and lenght of final video and all sliders CAN BE SET BY MOUSE WHEEL automatic deinterlace if the source is MPEG2 (it using Donald Graft Kernel Deiterlacer), because there is 95 % probabilty that it is from interlaced DVB or Camera (nothing happens when source isn`t interlaced, because it deinterlace only interlaced parts of movie (it is inteligent)) based on mencoder, ffmpeg, mp4box and FLVextract, NO A/V SYNCHRONIZATION PROBLEMS, WITH QUALITY SET TO MAX, it using Lanczos 10 tapes luma 10 tapes chroma filter for resizing, using quantitizer instead of video bitrate, for mp3 you setting quality instead of bitrate - this mean that you will have videos always in the same quality support videos without file extension (useful when you download video from youtube without any extension, there is no need to rename in) it is OPEN SOURCE - FREE - WITH NO RESTRICTIONS SUPPORT NO RECOMPRESSION OF AUDIO, if the source is mpeg-1 layer 3, useful for videos from YOUTUBE.COM without recompression of audio - it is inteligent, automaticaly switch from "no recompression" to "compression" if soucre audio isn`t mpeg-1 layer 3 support multicore PCs (1-4 cores) using ffmpeg for muxing, and -async 192000 command (there is no A/V sync problems for Cowon D2) supported devices: Cowon D2 Cowon A3 Cowon Q5 iPod Video 5/5.5/6G (5G only with the newest firmware) iPhone/iPod Touch the new iPod Nano 3G with video capability Archos 605 iRiver Clix 2 (only with newest firmware) VGA and QVGA PDAs (no matter which brand, it is universal) any PC or high definiton television up to resolution 1920x1080 [Less]

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