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cocos2d for iPhone


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cocos2d for iPhone is a framework for building 2D games, demos, and other graphical/interactive applications. It is based on the cocos2d design: it uses the same API, but instead of using python it uses objective-c. Main features: * Platforms: iOS and Mac * Scene management * ... [More] Transitions between scenes * Sprites * Actions * Basic menus and buttons * Integrated physics engine * Particle system * Text rendering support * Texture Atlas support * Tile Map support * Touch/Accelerometer support * Portrait and Landscape mode * Integrated Pause/Resume * Supports PVR and PVRTC images * Language: objective-c * Open Source: Compatible with open and closed source projects * OpenGL 1.5 and OpenGL ES 1.1 based [Less]

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Indielib is a C++ 2.5d library for game development and fast game prototyping in a really easy way. It was originally written for DirectX 9.0c. This project is the cross platform version of this library. Platforms Windows Linux OSX iOS Renderers OpenGL 1.5 desktop ... [More] support (3.2 later on) OpenGL ES 2.0 iOS support (3.0 later on) [Less]

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SIO2 Interactive's 3D Engine for iPhone & iPod Touch is written in pure C using OpenGL|ES with a bit of Obj-C and C++ to glue things together with the iPhone & Bullet Physic. Please find below a list of the current & future engine features and capabilities. In addition SIO2 include ... [More] the following libraries and functionalities embedded in the core: OpenAL: For 3D positional sounds (FX) and ambient music. Theora: For realtime MPEG4 (ogv) playback. Ogg: For MP3 style playback. LUA: As the default scripting language that includes all the SIO2 API + all the OpenGL ES API, and uses SWIG to generate the necessary C wrapper. All OpenGL ES & OpenAL instructions are also available from LUA as well as the specific SIO2 API. libJPEG: For fast JPEG decompression. Zlib: To create and compress the SIO2 fileformat (.sio2) Bullet: For Rigid & Soft Body physic, as well as for collision detection, collision feedback, custom sensors and collision triggers. Architecture Optimized File Format Unique Package Approach Tool Chain Built around Blender (WYSIWYG) Exporter & Optimizer Real Time Physic Rigid Body Collision Detection Soft Body Particle System Fog Texturing Multi-Texturing Texture Filterings Anisotropic Filtering Transparent Semi-Transparent Multimedia & Special Effects Ambient & FX Sound Real 3D Stereo & Surround Realtime MP3 Playback Realtime MPEG 4 Playback Sun, Flares, Billboard, Clouds, etc... Scene Management Fast Sorting & Culling System Event & Trigger System Scripting Support (Level & UI) Portrait & Landscape Mode Touch Screen & Accelerometer Lighting & Shadow Per-Vertex Light Mapping Projected Shadow Projected Geometry Animation Camera & Object Path Skeletal Animation Keyframe Animation System Requirements Mac OS X v10.5.4 (and up) iPhone SDK v2.0 (and up) You can use SIO2 for free or commercial product, please read the SIO2 license agreement ( /SIO2_SDK/src/license/sio2.txt ). Basically the only thing that we are asking is that you mention SIO2 and/or our website somewhere in your project if its made available to the public in order to keep the SIO2 project alive. For more information on how to contribute to SIO2 please check our website for more information: http://www.sio2interactive.com [Less]

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