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CDO Model Repository


Claimed by Eclipse Foundation Analyzed about 2 months ago

CDO Model Repository ===================== CDO is both a development-time model repository and a run-time persistence framework. Being highly optimized it supports object graphs of arbitrary size. CDO offers transactions with save points, explicit locking, change notification, queries ... [More] , temporality, branching, merging, offline and fail-over modes, ... The storage back-end is pluggable and migrations between direct JDBC, Hibernate, Objectivity/DB, MongoDB or DB4O are seamless for CDO applications. [Less]

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  Analyzed 12 months ago

Net4j Signalling Platform ========================= Net4j is an extensible client-server communications platform based on OSGi but also executable stand alone. You can easily extend the protocol stack with Eclipse plugins that provide new transport or application protocols. Net4j's focus on ... [More] performance and scalability is featured by non-blocking I/O, zero-copy signals and multiplexed binary protocols. Net4j was originally developed to support the CDO technology for distributed shared and persistent EMF models but can also multiplex your own user-supplied application protocols through the same socket connection. [Less]

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Jaffre - Java Fat Free Remoting Jaffre is a lightweight RPC library for the Java platform. It is designed to be simple, extensible, robust, and efficient. Currently it supports transport over insecure or TLS encrypted TCP channels. It supports sessions and can be customized so that calls are ... [More] performed as a particular session dependent subject. [Less]

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