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What Is TIAMOT?TIAMOT is a fully featured AJAX table. It can take any MySQL table and generate a HTML table for all the fields you specify. That's not it though the table comes with some excellent features, like these: Adding information on-the-fly. Removing information on-the-fly. Editing ... [More] information on-the-fly. Sorting the table by any of the fields contents on-the-fly. Table is resorted on-the-fly after adding, editing or deleting. Can be added to any page using 4 simple functions after PHP file inclusion. Most of these features were suggested by visitors of my website and I wish to thank them for all of their help. We are currently up to version 2.2 (Minor Bug Fixes + Required Fields Added) but I will be releasing a new version soon with some more upgrades, hopefully. Why TIAMOT?I made TIAMOT as a experiment and test of my coding skill about 11/2 year ago then realised that some people were looking for something very similar, but no-one could find anything. I eventually decided to release a prototype version which only had adding & removing features and was fairly popular, I then added editing by request & finally sorting. That takes us just about up to the latest version which has all features combined. Thank YousI wish to thank everyone who has downloaded TIAMOT so far & everyone who suggested features. Also thank you to John Resig & the jQuery team for making jQuery. Thank you to Mika Tuupola, Dylan Verheul for the use of jEditable. Thank you to Christian Bach for the use of Tablesorter. CopyrightI have licenced this code under GNU v3 but jQuery & the previously mentioned plugins are licensed under their respective licenses. Only TIAMOT itself is licensed under GNU v3. DonationsI do not charge for any of my code but I takes a long time to develop and code, yada, yada, yada. You've probably heard all that before so I won't bore you. Basically if you like this project enough to leave me a few quid then please go to my donation page. [Less]

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