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WHAT IS HTRSH?HTRSH (Hyper Text Remote Shell) is similar to the remote shell (rsh) but it works right in your web browser using HTTP or HTTPS protocol for data transfering. USERS TARGETFor all users who cannot use remote shells (e.g. ssh, rsh, telnet, etc..) to access some hosts connected to the ... [More] Internet. The reason of it may be unavailability of external access to the Internet, strict rules of the firewall, NAT (Network Address Translator) and so on. In such case, htrsh may help you to admin your host or server via your Web browser everywhere! Or are you Web geek? Then it is for you! HOW IT WORKShtrsh consists two applications work together: It is server part (hereinafter just the server) and interface part (hereinafter the client). You just configure and run the server on a host you are willing to access. For example, it may be your home or work computer. The client works on some host in the Internet (e.g. on free Web hosting). The client "draws" special web interface you work with via your Web browser. The client can show special web "terminal" which provide working with remote host. The console (terminal) is similar to the standart UNIX/Linux or MS Windows console depends from OS installed on the remote host (the server side). While you are working with the terminal, the server periodically "asks" the client for new commands to do. You just type commands in the console as usual, and the server executes them and send results to the client to show its in the console (in your Web browser!). Pay attention, that this technology works with out opening any ports on your system (where the server is running), it is just http(s) requests!!! PROJECT STATUSIndeed, the program is being developed and has not been released yet. TECHNOLOGIESThe server is cross platform application which is being written with ANSI C using cURL cross platform library (Cygwin for Windows version). The client is cross platform application either, it is the web interface is being written with PHP and Prototype Java Script library making extensive use of AJAX for better responsiveness. AUTHORSThe idea, development and programming of the project belong to 0xDEFACE [Less]

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