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  Analyzed about 2 months ago

A collection of BlitzMax modules by Brucey, including wrappers/bindings for various open source libraries. Includes : (Audio) BASS, FMOD, irrKlang (Database) msql, mysql, odbc, oracle, postgres, sqlite, xbase (GFX) Graphviz (GUI) Gtk, CEGUI (Imaging) FreeImage (Internet) ClearSilver ... [More] , Libcurl (+SSL), flickcurl, raptor (Math) MAPM (Physics) Chipmunk, Box2D (System) Boost, Crypto, DateTime, Growl, Persistence, ProtoBuf, Random, Volumes (Text) Base64, Format, Libxml, Libxslt, Locale, RegEx, XLWriter [Less]

6.96M lines of code

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