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Simple substitute for “rsync”/“scp” when the remote side has only “cat” and “ls”. (E.g., to put files to DroidSSHd.) These scripts help me push files over SSH to another system which has only a simple sh, “cat”, and “ls”. They can continue transferring a partially transferred file (by appending ... [More] to what was left after an interrupted transfer). In my case, the other system is a non-rooted Android 2.2 with DroidSSHd installed (with no “scp”, “sftp”, or “rsync”). They are not limited to using necessarily “ssh” (it’s a parameter). For example, for testing them on the same host, I use just “eval” instead. * “rpush” is the basic command to transfer a file by creating a new file on the remote side with the use of only “cat”. * “rpush-continue” is the command to continue the transfer of a file which is already partially present on the remote (with the use of only “cat” and “ls”). * “rpush-into” is a wrapper around the two basic scripts which puts the file as a file with the same name in a specified directory on the remote side (like one of the ways to invoke “cp”). [Less]

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