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  Analyzed 7 months ago

NArrange is a tool for arranging .NET source code. This code beautifier automatically sorts and organizes class members into groups or regions. C# and VB.NET code files are supported, but one goal will be to add support for additional .NET languages.

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Openwall - passwdqc


  Analyzed 18 days ago

pam_passwdqc is a simple password strength checking module for PAM-aware password changing programs, such as passwd(1). In addition to checking regular passwords, it offers support for passphrases and can provide randomly generated ones. All features are optional and can be (re-)configured without ... [More] rebuilding. The package additionally includes libpasswdqc (a password/passphrase strength checking library), pwqcheck (a standalone password/passphrase strength checking program), and pwqgen (a standalone random passphrase generator program). [Less]

5.89K lines of code

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