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RTEMS is a commercial grade real-time operating system designed for deeply embedded systems. It is a free open source solution that supports multi-processor systems. RTEMS is designed to support applications with the most stringent real-time requirements while being compatible with open standards. ... [More] RTEMS has been ported to over a dozen CPU architectures and includes more than 90 Board Support Packages. Pre-built toolsets are provided for various GNU/Linux distributions and MS-Windows. Different parts of RTEMS are based upon different standards. In addition the Classic API, RTEMS supports most of the POSIX 1003.1b API and uITRON. It includes a BSD TCP/IP stack and various filesystems. It includes support for C, C++ and Ada programming languages. [Less]

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Licenses: BSD-3-Clause, GNAT_Modi...

RecruitPro FOSS has been withdrawn


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RecruitPro FOSS - Free and Open Source Recruitment Software project has been withdrawn since we are not getting any support from recruitment community or development community. We regret this. For all those who are using FOSS, please contact us for upgrading to RecruitPro 360.

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