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VC Aperture


  Analyzed about 18 hours ago

VC Aperture provides you with a thorough view of your version control repository. It lets you look both wide and deep into your source code.

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Nightshade Astronomy Simulator


  Analyzed about 9 hours ago

Nightshade is free, open source astronomy simulation and visualization software for teaching and exploring astronomy, Earth science, and related topics. Nightshade is a fork of the award-winning Stellarium software, but tailored for planetarium and educator use. The emphasis is on usability ... [More] , realism, feature stability, and performance. It is backward compatible with scripts for Stellarium 0.8.2 and earlier using the StratoScriptTM language developed and maintained by Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc. It is available for Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, and other platforms. [Less]

371K lines of code

6 current contributors

10 days since last commit

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Fish Eye effect for WPF..In VB.Net


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WPF Fisheye project includes a usercontrol which a developer can use to implement the fisheye effect in a listview. Thanks, Vikas [url:Visit my blog|http://excelnoob.blogspot.com]

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