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I have seen many frameworks especially in Java. In all of them, most of the time, I find that, you need to learn some amount of theory stuff like, MVC etc., before you start learning how to use them. One major problem with this is, the terminologies differ in theory and in the framework. Model is ... [More] turned to "Action" or some other thing, Controller is turned to "...Servlet" or something and View is called "...Renderer" or something. Its annoying to read theory and then try to figure out what theory term maps to what in the framework. Another thing is, if you need to switch between programming languages, you need to rewrite the configuration files (ofcourse, code needs to be written anyway... maybe we can have code translation also as a goal??). The aim of this project is to address these issues and make web applications easy (and fun) to write. It is not required that the resulting work is enterprise-ready, but, its important to have things that are fun to use implemented. [Less]

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