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Halm is designed for the Hunter Alliance guild on the realm Hyjal (Alliance) to provide various tools for handling/distributing loot. Written by: Zalra (aka Davie3) Contact: In Game: Hyjal (Alliance) - Zalra Email: Davieboy53@yahoo.com XFire: Dawnseclipse Slash Command Usage /halm: ... [More] /halm show - Shows the Priority List Frame /halm close - Closes the Priority List Frame /halm config - Opens the options menu /halm display - Displays the Priority List in various ways /halm version - Displays your Halm version and Prioritylist.lua date. /halm version guild - Displays the guilds Halm versions and Prioritylist.lua dates. /halm reset - Resets and gets a new Priority List /halm roll - Starts a Raid Roll /halm roll cancel - Cancels a Raid Roll [Less]

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