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  Analyzed 18 days ago

The Mantid application framework provides a platform to support high-performance computing on neutron data. The framework will provide a set of common services, algorithms and data objects that can be extended further by specialised applications or directly by users if required. The main aims of the ... [More] project are as follows: To provide a framework for Data Analysis that is not instrument or technique/dependent. To support multiple target platforms. The framework must be easily extensible by Instruments Scientists/Users. The framework should provide low-level functionalities for Scripting, Visualization, Data transformation, Implementing Algorithms, Virtual Instrument Geometry. [Less]

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  Analyzed about 3 years ago

ICAT is a database with a well defined API that provides an interface to Large Facility experimental data and will provide a mechanism to link all aspects of the research chain from proposal through to publication ICAT is developed as a collaboration between STFC eScience , STFC ISIS Facility , Diamond Light Source and the ILL.

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  Analyzed 9 days ago

WebPAC started as Web Public Access Catalog project, but soon turned into powerful mungler for library data. It includes input filters for CDS/ISIS, MARC and Excel, and produces MARC or entries in search engines (Hyper Estraier or KinoSearch). Data normalization is described in small ... [More] perl-like language (actually set of perl subroutines) which looks as resonable as a config file, but you have all the power which perl gives to you if you need it. For those more down-to-earth problems, or if perl-like languages are over your head, you can also use simple modification rules to perform most quick modifications. Primary page for this project is https://www.ohloh.net/p/WebPAC [Less]

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