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OverviewMKombat is a World of Warcraft mod that will play sounds at strategic points of combat, this includes when you perform a critical strike, cast certain spells and/or abilities, and engage in PvP. The code listed here is a continuation of the original MKombat WoW mod created by Rollie of ... [More] Bloodscalp who hosts WarCraftRealms Check out the Project Documentation in the Wiki for mod functionality and history. The current stable release is 30000.4 which is supported on the WoW Client v3.0.2 and higher. This version is also supported for the WotLK Beta. Recent Updates2009-04-22 Status of a 3.1.x update: I am currently looking at upgrading MKombat, but have not really had the time to even play WoW due to real life work obligations. I actually have been working on a rewrite, but it is nowhere near even a test version. All I can say is stay tuned if you're interested but at this time I have no ETA on an update. [Less]

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