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AboutWicket component for multiple MooEditable-enabled textareas. The Bug / Please helpI don't have time to maintain this project. There is a bug that prevents Ajax submit. The source of the problem is the saveContent() function is called on the textarea which doesn't exist - returning false and ... [More] not proceeding with the standard Wicket wcall. You might want to help me define the correct Javascript (for example using Firebug). Thanks! UsageIn your form: TextArea textarea = new TextArea("post"); textarea.setOutputMarkupId(true); textarea.add(new MooEditableBehavior()); form.add(textarea); (...) form.add(new MooEditableAjaxButton("submit", form) { @Override protected void onSubmit(AjaxRequestTarget arg0, Form arg1) { // stuff here } }); [Less]

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