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KDE Telepathy


Claimed by KDE Analyzed 2 months ago

Real time Communication has traditionally been a detached feature of Desktop Computing, provided via stand-alone Instant Messaging clients with poor integration into the desktop experience. One of the primary goals of the KDE 4 series is to tighten integration between different components of the ... [More] environment. The KDE Telepathy (KTp) project aims to tackle just this. Our aims are: * To integrate Real Time Communication deeply into the KDE Workspaces and Applications * To provide a infrastructure to aid development of Collaborative features for KDE applications. [Less]

161K lines of code

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Claimed by KDE Analyzed 26 days ago

Bangarang is a KDE media player. It is a media – audio and video – player that gets the basics right with a not-overwhelming interface. Bangarang has media library functions that allow you simple, effective browsing and categorization for all your media including Music, Audio streams, Audio ... [More] clips, Movies, TV Shows and Video clips Bangarang also employs core KDE4 technologies including Nepomuk (Uses and shares media data with the rest of your desktop) and Phonon (Whatever the phonon backend plays, Bangarang plays). [Less]

44.1K lines of code

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  Analyzed 2 months ago

Personal Information Manager Manage your notes, write your diary, save your bookmarks, import your documents, photos, songs and make relations between them. It's based on tools and ideas borrowed from Semantic Web area.

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Licenses: Beerware, gpl3_or_l...



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Extensions to the Nepomuk KDE semantic desktop http://nepomuk.kde.org

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Licenses: lgpl