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GNOME Do (also known as simply Do) is a popular free application launcher for Linux by David Siegel. Unlike other application launchers, it not only allows you to search for applications and files but it also allows you to specify actions to perform on search results by providing instantaneous ... [More] , action-oriented search results that adapt to reflect user habits and preferences. While it is designed primarily for the GNOME desktop, it works in other desktop environments, such as KDE. GNOME Do was inspired by Quicksilver for Mac OS X, and GNOME Launch Box. [Less]

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Kupfer is an interface for quick and convenient access to applications and their documents. The most typical use is to find a specific application and launch it. We have tried to make Kupfer easy to extend with plugins so that this quick-access paradigm can be extended to many more objects than just applications.

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A programmable GTK+ QuickSilver clone for software developers.

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This module is different from the included Quicksilver module in the following ways: Allows copying of username, location and comments of keychain items. Adds keychain items into the catalog for each searching

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