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jUCMNav is a graphical editor for modeling, analysis and transformations with the User Requirements Notation (URN), which includes the Use Case Map (UCM) notation and the Goal-oriented Requirement Language (GRL). It also supports Feature Models. jUCMNav is an Eclipse plug-in.

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Xuse Requirements & Use-Case management


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The Xuse project defines an XML data model that allows for the capture and management of software requirements from a use-case centric perspective. The project provides XSLTs to create multiple views on this data model in a variety of formats such as HTML, PDF, SVG etc. As all the data is stored ... [More] in XML it is possible to provide different information to different consumers: for example you may wish to document technical issues of why a software requirement will be difficult to implement but not show this information to the customer who is signing off the requirements. Additionally different people such as QA engineers and developers may require different views on the data - something that XSLT facilitates. [Less]

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CAIRIS (Computer Aided Integration of Requirements and Information Security) is a Requirements Management tool for specifying secure and usable systems. CAIRIS was built from the ground-up to support the elements necessary for usability, requirements, and risk analysis. Its features include: * ... [More] Support for KAOS goal and obstacle modelling, and traceability between goal, requirements, security, and usability model elements. * Support for entering and managing usability data, such as personas, tasks, and use cases * Support for entering and managing risk analysis data. * Automatic visualisation of models, and quantitative/quantative scoring of security and usability data * Automatic document generation of a VOLERE compliant requirements specification. [Less]

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my exercises for 4312

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