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===================================== AceMatch 8.0+ (ES2.0+) ===================================== This is a Mattie EventScripts 2.0+ addon. AceMatch was originally coded by AceRimmer (aka Phil), but recently it hasn't been updated. This is due to the fact the Ace simply does not have the time ... [More] anymore to code eventscripts like he once did. AceMatch has now got its own development team, members of this team can be found below. AceMatch 8.0+ is coded in Python (ES2.0+), AceMatch now features an automatic update feature which will ensure that AceMatch will keep up-to-date with the latest bug fixes and features. AceMatch is an automated match system for Counter-Strike: Source (Valve Game). Counter-Strike: Source is a Terrorist/Counter-terrorist games, one team vs another to complete a certain objective. Many clans like to compete in matches against one another on Counter-Strike: Source. This ES2.0+ addon automates the entire match, from menu setup, to gameplay, to team swaping at half time etc. AceMatch 8.0+ Supports Custom-Addons for it also. ===================================== AceMatch Development Team Members: ===================================== Shane Simpkins : (NickName: Shanejé | StealthAssassin) [Less]

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