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Mephisto Share It Author: William Wong Garay Blog: http://www.willywg.com E-Mail: willywg@gmail.com Support: http://www.willywg.com/2007/3/25/mephisto-share-it-plugin (Documentation in English and Spanish) Testing in: Mephisto 1.0 >>What is this?<< Mephisto Share It is a ... [More] plugin that provides an unobtrusive way for your visitors to add your post to various social bookmarking sites. >>Installation<< 1. Download the plugin archive from http://www.willywg.com/2007/3/25/mephisto-share-it-plugin. 2. Unrar the file mephisto_share_it.rar and put the 'mephisto_share_it' folder into your vendor/plugins/ directory. Afterward, you should have a folder structure like this: vendor/plugins/mephisto_share_it/(a bunch of files). 3. Finally restart your application of mephisto. >>Using<< 1. Personalizing. Open the mephisto_share_it.rb file in your vendor/plugins/mephisto_share_it/lib/ directory and change this data: HOST = 'http://www.willywg.com' #A. Change it for your website . Activate the markers to use assigning them the true value and disable them with false nternational Bookmarks DELICIOUS = true DIGG = true TECHNORATI = true GOOGLE_BOOKMARKS = true YAHOO_MY_WEB = true MAGNOLIA = true ispanic Bookmarks MENEAME = false FLOREAME = false ENCHILAME = false WEBEAME = false 2. Drawing. Do this in your layout (for default values): {{ article | share_it }} This will generate: Share It: »del.icio.us »Digg »Technorati »Google Bookmarks »Yahoo My Web »Ma.gnolia Or use: {{ article | share_it: 'Share this post','' }} This will generate: Share this post del.icio.us Digg Technorati Google Bookmarks Yahoo My Web Ma.gnolia 3. If you want to use the bookmarkers separately you can make it in the following way: {{ article | link_to_delicious }} or {{ article | link_to_delicious: 'Bookmark this with del.icio.us' }} Same way with link_to_digg, link_to_technorati, link_to_google_bookmarks, link_to_yahoo_my_web, link_to_magnolia, link_to_meneame, link_to_floreame, link_to_enchilame and link_to_webeame >>Adding a bookmarker<< This is simple: 1. Add a bookmarker with the true value: MY_BOOKMARKER = false 2. Create a function: def link_to_my_bookmarker(article, text = nil) url = 'http://my_bookmarker.com/post?' #the url of the bookmarker site url += "url=#{HOST}#{article'url'}&title=#{article'title'}" #the values by get content_tag :a, text || 'My Bookmarker', :href => url, :target => 'blank' #the tag A generated with the Bookmarker name end 3. Adds the following line in the function share_it: links += pre + link_to_my_bookmarker(article) + ' ' if MY_BOOKMARKER [Less]

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