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Prospector (Python)


Claimed by Python Code Quality Authority Analyzed about 13 hours ago

A Python static analysis frontend which configures and filters PyLint to produce more useful output and which will gain additional backends in future versions. (If Flake8 is the lightweight check your IDE runs every time you save, this is intended to be the thorough check you run on a commit or ... [More] push hook.) This is also the backend which powers Landscape.io, so using them together is similar to running your test suite manually before you push to the continuous integration server. [Less]

3.46K lines of code

4 current contributors

11 months since last commit

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  Analyzed about 22 hours ago

CodeChecker is an analyzer tooling, defect database and viewer extension for the Clang Static Analyzer and Clang Tidy

48.1K lines of code

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5 days since last commit

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  Analyzed about 6 hours ago

sixgill is a tool for statically checking assertions in C/C++ code. It is nearly a verifier — that is, it is able to prove an assertion always holds, modulo some assumptions it makes about the code.

214K lines of code

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almost 6 years since last commit

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