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  Analyzed 6 months ago

Notmuch is a system for indexing, searching, reading, and tagging large collections of email messages. It uses the Xapian library to provide fast, full-text search of large collection of email with a convenient search syntxs.

40.6K lines of code

22 current contributors

6 months since last commit

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  Analyzed 12 months ago

Much of the time , we have tons of megabytes text data(like .txt, .html, .cpp, .java, .cs, ....) on hard disk, and we need to search files whose content contain an exact keyword. You can do it by infoseeker, it provide a friendly GUI , can show and highlight text content. It support filter to ... [More] search expected file type. like *.txt|*.html to seach text and html files. [Less]

0 lines of code

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over 10 years since last commit

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Licenses: BSD-4-Cla...