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vb6depfinder is a tool to find out exactly which code files are used by a VB6 project. I need such a tool to put VB6 projects under Subversion. I didn't want to simply copy the whole project folder and add it to my svn repository only to find out that a lot of useless files were polluting it by ... [More] wasting space and causing confusion. The only way to obtain a clean copy of the sources would be to open the vbp file as text and look through that hell of a mess to determine which files are really used. Since the number of VB6 projects I have to deal with is quite large, that would become a nightmare. I couldn't find free tools to accomplish this task in a fast and painless fashion, so I decided to write one by myself. vb6depfinder is written in C# targeting .NET Framework 2.0 I hope it will be useful to other people as well. [Less]

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