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Hey guys! As you all probably know, there hasn't been any real big Windows XP Portals made for the iPod Touch or iPhone. Right now, I'm trying to port the PSP Portals over to the iPhone/iTouch, and trying to be the first. Sadly, Apple has still resisted allowing the iPhone or iTouch to ... [More] support Flash, for reasons of their own. For this reason, a lot of the content from the already made portals would be missing. Right now, I'm at the stage of transferring supported content from known portals like PspWxp or WinPSPortal, and replacing the unsupported ones. The real problem is getting the actual portal to start, since there is almost always a Flash animation for startup. The portal itself is simple: A folder of HTML and Media files linked together by a javascript command or an internal link strewn inside the HTML itself. Editing the files can easily be done by any HTML editor, or jEdit for the Javascripts. For these portals to work, you will need a JailBroken iPod Touch or iPhone, so you don't need wifi. Otherwise, you can find the portal from my website when I am completed with it. Contact me at rockmaster118@aol.com, or PM me on my YouTube account Electricman5. VISIT MY SITE WWW.ELECTRICMAN5.COM FOR TUTORIALS AND A LOT OF DOWNLOADS FOR THE IPOD TOUCH AND IPHONE!!!! [Less]

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