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  Analyzed 20 days ago

The OpenSCAP Project was created to provide an open-source framework to the community which enables integration with the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) suite of standards and capabilities. It is the goal of OpenSCAP to provide a simple, easy to use set of interfaces to serve as the framework for community use of SCAP.

1.44M lines of code

20 current contributors

6 months since last commit

3 users on Open Hub

Moderate Activity
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  Analyzed about 13 hours ago

A GUI tool that provides scanning, tailoring and validation functionality for SCAP content.

11.3K lines of code

7 current contributors

4 months since last commit

1 users on Open Hub

Very Low Activity
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  Analyzed about 7 hours ago

Baseline compliance content in SCAP formats

148K lines of code

52 current contributors

about 8 hours since last commit

0 users on Open Hub

Very High Activity
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