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Any chance Haskell could be supported...

Any chance Haskell could be supported in the list of languages?

Jelmer Vernooij almost 12 years ago

Hi Jelmer,

Last week over on, we received a patch from Maciej for just this purpose.

Starting today, I will be recounting all the existing Haskell projects on Ohloh. You should start to see Haskell on individual project reports within a few hours, and it will appear on our overall languages page starting tomorrow.

Many thanks to Maciej for providing this frequently-requested feature!

Robin Luckey almost 12 years ago

Thanks Robin. I've uploaded an initial set of Haskell applications, tools and libraries. Hope to see the Languages page update soon with all the Haskell code that has landed :)

dons almost 12 years ago

I'm willing to look into adding support for Literate Haskell files. With that, you could analyze the source of darcs too.

tux_rocker almost 12 years ago

tux_rocker, I'm trying to implement a general framework for literate programming. I'm sure Literate Haskell can fit into this quite well.
See ticket 233 over at labs.

Giuseppe "... almost 12 years ago

Oblomov, is your literate programming polyglot part of the main line of ohcount yet?

tux_rocker over 11 years ago

Not yet. You can monitor progress by loking at the #233 ticket over at ohloh labs.

I hope that my changes get pushed soon, I implemented support for WEB, CWEB and literate Haskell.

Giuseppe "... over 11 years ago

Guiseppe et al, make sure you don't overlook the birdtrack style when implementing literate Haskell! (My apologies if you already have it covered but I only saw TeX mentioned in ticket #223.)

Björn Buckwalter over 11 years ago

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