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XWiki has not been updated for 5 months

Hi guys,

Could someone let me know if there's a problem. I see that our enlistements for the XWiki project haven't been updated for 5 months.

Is that normal? I see that other similar tools like TikiWiki have had their enlistements updated 17 days ago.

Anything we can do to help out?

XWiki committer

Vincent Massol about 2 years ago

Hi Vincent;

Thanks for the heads up. We triggered manual update for all repositories and the project -- all is up to date.

This is due to the need we had a few months ago to discard and re-fetch all 700K repositories. We've gotten through the initial re-fetch and are now trying to get all projects back up to their regular processing rate.

Peter Degen-Por... about 2 years ago

EDIT: I couldn't find how to create a new thread when I posted the comment below. I've now found how to do that and created a thread at

Hi again,

Seems we have the same problem again for the XWiki project: on it says "Code Locations Analyzed 7 months ago. based on code collected 8 months ago"...

Could you do an update?

The project appears dead for the outside world but it's actually very active and it would be awesome to have up to date data :)

Thanks a lot
XWiki committer

Vincent Massol about 1 month ago

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