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git enlistment "blocked by failed job"


I updated LXR project with present Git enlistment (instead of out-dated CVS), but it is "blocked by failed job". Since SourceForge git repository designation seems dubious to me because they lack the .git extension while the file at SF has it, I tried to enlist with and without .git to no avail. Using http: or git: protocols yields the same effect.

What did I do wrong?

Also I noticed that the CVS repositories (still active though not updated) are tagged "(Failed 2 months ago.)". Can this be related to SourceForge's decision to switch to https:.?


ajlittoz about 3 years ago

Hi ajlittoz;

There were two failed jobs; one for each ofthe CVS repositories. I've just scheduled a fresh re-fetch of those repositories to get things moving along and everything is running along nicely so far.

Peter Degen-Por... about 3 years ago

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