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How to specify the branch in GitHub to use?

I want to try out CoPilot, but I don't want to add cruft to my master branch. Instead, I would like to add the BlackDuck specific code changes to a CoPilot branch in GitHub.

How do I specify the branch for CoPilot to use in my GitHub project?

eaglet3d over 4 years ago

CoPilot only runs when Travis CI runs. So if you've enabled your repository in Travis, you could make a "copilot" branch off of master, check in the CoPilot configuration there, and Travis should only build that branch. When Travis builds it, CoPilot will scan it, and you should get results only for your "copilot" branch.

Let me know if you need any more help, and thanks for your interest in CoPilot!

Nick Ver Voort over 4 years ago

Thanks Nick. I'll try with a copilot branch and let you know how it goes.

eaglet3d over 4 years ago