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[FAQ] What GitHub OAuth permissions does CoPilot use, and what does it do with them?

When logging into CoPilot with your GitHub account it will request the following permissions:

  • public_repo

    • Used to read your public repositories and allow you to enable them
    • Used to read public information, such as username and avatar
  • user:email

    • Used to find an email to notify you with when you are granted access to the beta
    • Used to populate a default choice for email, and determine if email is already verified. Receiving emails is opt-in
    • Note: CoPilot will only send you emails if:
      • You applied for beta but weren't automatically granted access, to notify you when access is granted
      • You have opted-in to receieve emails about CoPilot updates
      • You are trying to verify a new email address
Nick Ver Voort about 2 years ago

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