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DigitalState "Blocked by failed job"


Hi Marc;

Thanks again for the heads up. Had to clear out 3 enlistments for repositories that no longer exist. The project is up to date.

Peter Degen-Por... over 1 year ago

Analyzed 4 days ago. based on code collected 6 months ago.

Please give a nudge.


Marc Laporte 2 months ago

Hi Marc;

Thanks for the ping. We've looked into it and the issue seems to be a mismatch between enlisted code locations in the Open Hub and subscribed code locations in the back-end data collection system.

We're working on a quick fix to patch the problem while we put together a reliable solution.



Hello Marc,

Thank you for writing to us.

Yes, the project has been updated now.

Happy to Help!

Paddy 2 months ago

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