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Failed Downloading source code

I have a trouble with downloading source code history for this projects:

Please, help to solve it..

drakonoved 6 months ago

Is anyone here?

drakonoved 6 months ago

the projects:

also failed to download the code about 20 days ago.

projectUpdater 6 months ago

Hi Drakonoved;

There were indeed some issues on our side.

tetris-js has been updated
drakonoved has been updated

HI Sebastian;

FSO has no active enlistments. Did you want to restore the enlistment you undid on August 27?
SHR has been updated has been updated
Celestia has been updated

All these should stay up to date. Please don't hesitate to ping us if things aren't looking right. And thanks so much for taking the time to make us aware.




With FSO I generally wanted to import Github Organization "freesmartphone", but it fails silently. I thought that failed enlistment could block it, so I removed it, but nothing changed.


Hi Sebastian;

There was a failed job blocking the FSO proejct. I cleared that out and the project has successfully updated.



Unfortunately, import from GitHub in FSO project still doesn't work. It shows "We are currently working on importing your GitHub Repositories.", but it disappears after a few minutes and nothing happens. I'd like to import "freesmartphone" GitHub organization.


Hi Sebastian;

I'm a bit confused because I see this in the FSO project:

git:// master Git Open Hub update completed about 10 hours ago. All files included.

So, I'm wondering if we're not talking about the same things. May I ask you to contact me a and we'll dig into this in more depth?


Hi Sebastian;

Just wanted to give you an update. We've found some issues with the process that does the GitHub Repositories bulk repository add to a project and are working on it.



BTW, there's another problematic project: doesn't show any enlistment as failed, but the statistics are being calculated from only one of them (out of 39), which makes them a bit incomplete :)



Hey Sebastian, I've refreshed the entire project -- are the stats looking better?


Much better, thank you!


Hi Sebastian;

We dug into the issue with the GitHub Bulk Repository upload and believe we have the issue resolved.

May I ask you to review the FSO Framework Enlistments for completeness?




Hi, sorry to jump in.

iDempiere project has not been updated, I tried opening a ticket but no answer yet :(


Carlos Ruiz


Hi Carlos;

I've responded in the other thread.


Hi Carlos;

I've responded in the other thread.


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