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improve ease of use of the language comparison tool


I sometimes use the language comparison to get some indicator of how popular are certain programming languages (assuming that there is a good enough correlation between usage on the job market and usage on open source projects), I can also see if a language usage is growing or shrinking and how fast the growth/reduction is.

The problem is that comparing languages is a bit clunky for my taste for the following reasons:

1) there are four languages by default, which means i have to remove three of them if i want a clear graph or more importantly if the default language has a high usage and the language i want to check have low usage the graph of the langauge i added looks very small.

2) I have to do a lot of scrolling to find the language I am interested in and when doing a lot of comparisons it can get cumbersome.

I have two suggestions for this:

1) when doing a comparison, save the comparison i made (I assume for most people it would be one language), when a user first uses the tool he will see the current default selection.

2) use something like a combobox ( to input the language to compare , or if it’s too much work at least when opening the drop down list typing on the keyboard will make it jump to a language close to it , e.g typing "sca" would make it jump to "scala" (this is less discoverable but still better then what works now).


projectUpdater 6 months ago


I've been reading this nearly every day since you posted it. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, I'll be bringing them to the team.

Could I get you to fill our our survey (if you've not already done so):

This would also be a great help to us.




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